Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tips on where to get party games

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Birthday Party Safety Tips by Vicki Lansky

Birthday parties for children can be a wonderful experience if you take the right steps to insure that your child's guests and their parents have a safe and happy time.

One of the first steps is to consider the age of your invitees. If you are throwing a party for infants or young toddlers then you will obviously have their parents in attendance too, serve these parents only finger foods, if you serve them refreshments at all, because you don't want to distract them from their most important function: watching their children! By age 3, parties work better without other parents around.

If you plan an indoor party for your small child, limit it to one room only, and childproof that room as carefully as you possibly can. Leave nothing to chance; what one bright child doesn't think of, you can be sure, another one will.

Here is a checklist that you should go through well before the big event:

1. Remove from the room any portable electrical appliances and everything breakable or sharp.

2. Block off any exits to the party room with shut doors or gates. Keep a path open to the bathroom and/or a diaper changing area, but be sure other rooms along the way are not accessible to the children.

3. If you try a game like "pin the tail on the donkey," be sure to attach tape, not tacks, to tails.

4. Skip pinatas for a few years. Toddlers and waving, swinging sticks just don't mix. Settle instead for a hunt for soft favors, but be sure everyone "finds" one.

5. For the safety of both guests and your pet, banish the dog or cat from the party.

6. Don't serve small candies, peanuts, popcorn, or even raisins. Children can pick them off the table and choke on them while running around, or even when seated, given the excitement of a party.

7. If your party is going to be outdoors, be sure you have enough adults to adequately supervise the children. No fewer than one adult per child is suggested if play in any kind of pool is planned.

8. If your party site is far from home, plan to have parents deliver their own children, unless you have enough car seats for all.

Armed with these simple guidelines you should be well on your way to a fun and safe party for your children.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tips #12 - Getting your child involved in organising the birthday party

Getting your child involves in organising the birthday party will not only teach him/her leadership and organisation skill, it will also give her a greater impression of his/her birthday. Getting involve could be fun and exciting, creating fond memories of time spent together with daddy or mummy. For instance, if you are baking your own birthday cake or cup cakes etc, your child will remember the time spent in the kitchen helping out to get the cakes ready. Letting your child select the party give away prizes makes him/her think of what are suitable and what prizes friends would like to have. Organising games with your child's opinion ensure enjoyment by all. Your child will also be very proud to be a contributor in organising the event. However, the extend of involvement in organising a child birthday party depend on the child age. The older the child the more involvement. For age 4 and below, the child can help up in simple task like putting up simple decoration, choosing the birthday cake while child age 5 and above should be able to be more involved in the planning.

Tips #11 - Planning schedule for the child birthday party

We may wonder how long it takes to plan a child birthday party. In summary, all the above take 3 to 4 weeks to plan.

One month before the party - you need to decide on the guest list, the party theme, when the party is to be held and time and duration of the party. You may need to decide whether to get an organiser to assist you. You should also start looking for party items like prizes for all the children, prepare goodies bags (bag of sweets, chocolates, small novelty items) for the kids to bring home as small token, decorations, crafts work to be used during the party etc.

2 to 3 week before the party - send out the invitation cards. Plan for games to be played during the party. Get ready props etc for the games.

One week before the party - plan what party food you will be having, where to get them and whether you would like to prepare a dish or two of your own. It is also time to look for a beautiful birthday cake for your child. There are a lot of special design cakes for kids that you could order from. You should also follow up with your guests on their respond and consolidate your guest list.

Few days before the party - you may need to re-confirm your order on birthday cake and party organiser (if any). Ensure prizes are all nicely wrapped and placed. Do a count to ensure there is more than enough prizes for all invited children and to have some extras. Also check to ensure food catered are in order. Prepare a check list for all other tasks that can be done only on the actual birthday party day.

The day before the birthday - ensure you have lighter or matches for lighting the candles on the birthday cake. Go through your list above to ensure everything is in order. If you are preparing some food, double sure that they are done. Go through the games activities that you have prepared, the prizes to ensure they are in order, the party suit/dress is ready for your child, decoration is up, adequate sitting arrangement for your guests, all other party items are ready eg cups, spoon, folk, plates, serviate (tissues) etc.

The arrival of the big day - carry out the last minutes tasks that you cannot do earlier by going through your check list. Collect your birthday cake. Dress up your child and your family members. Enjoy and have fun.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tips #10-Sending invitation

You can easily get an electronic invitation card or get an off the shelve invitation cards. Some of you may even wish to design your own invitation card and print via your own printer if you could afford the time.

But when should you send your invitation card? Usually, invitation cards are sent out 2 to 3 weeks before the child birthday party. This should allow adequate time for your guests to mark on their calender and respond to you.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tips #9 - Help you can get to organise child birthday party

As you will be having many guests, you may need some help from friends or relatives to organise the games and craft works for the children. In this way, it allows you to have time with your child and the invited guests. Do not assign task to yourself or you will be overwhelm and will be very busy, this may make you look disorganised.

Alternatively, you may engage someone to run the party for you. For example, get a magician to perform a magic show, get someone to show the kids balloon scrupturing etc. Party organisers are available to assist on this.

Tips #8 - Child birthday party food

It may not be very important to serve fantastic food during a child birthday party as the focus is having fun together. Choose food that are easy to consume for kids so that they will not mess up themselves. As the children will be more focus on what they enjoy most, they usually grap some food to fill their stomach and then focus on playing with their friends. Finger food is recommended. One easy way is to cater food from fastfood chain or food catering outlets. However, if you choose to order food yourself on that day, make sure you collect them early or get someone to help you on this. However, for the birthday child, it is important that he or she has a beautiful birthday cake.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tips #7 - Games & Craft for the child birthday party

Once you have decided on the party theme, you may choose the activities that are in relation to the party theme. Planning for the activities is the most important thing in a child birthday party. All sweet memory, fun and laughter are usually from spending time on these activities. In planning these activities, a key note is that every child like to be a winner. So remember to include games that will make all children a winner. They will be very happy as all will receive a prize regardless what they are. Be prepared to have some extra prizes around, these become handy when you face difficult children. By giving them a prize will pacify them and make their day happy. Remember, you need to organise about four or five activities include games as well as craft works to fill the party. The child will be most delighted to bring home what they have made during the party.

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Tips #6 - Birthday party location

In choosing a party location, you need to consider whether the space available is big enough for your plan activities and is able to accommodate all your guests. You may choose inexpensive locations like the park, beaches or function room in your condominium which are big enough and usually do not cost much. However, you may need to check if you need to apply for any permit to use the space. Some fast food chain also orgainsed birthday party at their location at norminal fee. Birthday party may also be held at the zoo, bird park or places of interest for children.