Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tips #11 - Planning schedule for the child birthday party

We may wonder how long it takes to plan a child birthday party. In summary, all the above take 3 to 4 weeks to plan.

One month before the party - you need to decide on the guest list, the party theme, when the party is to be held and time and duration of the party. You may need to decide whether to get an organiser to assist you. You should also start looking for party items like prizes for all the children, prepare goodies bags (bag of sweets, chocolates, small novelty items) for the kids to bring home as small token, decorations, crafts work to be used during the party etc.

2 to 3 week before the party - send out the invitation cards. Plan for games to be played during the party. Get ready props etc for the games.

One week before the party - plan what party food you will be having, where to get them and whether you would like to prepare a dish or two of your own. It is also time to look for a beautiful birthday cake for your child. There are a lot of special design cakes for kids that you could order from. You should also follow up with your guests on their respond and consolidate your guest list.

Few days before the party - you may need to re-confirm your order on birthday cake and party organiser (if any). Ensure prizes are all nicely wrapped and placed. Do a count to ensure there is more than enough prizes for all invited children and to have some extras. Also check to ensure food catered are in order. Prepare a check list for all other tasks that can be done only on the actual birthday party day.

The day before the birthday - ensure you have lighter or matches for lighting the candles on the birthday cake. Go through your list above to ensure everything is in order. If you are preparing some food, double sure that they are done. Go through the games activities that you have prepared, the prizes to ensure they are in order, the party suit/dress is ready for your child, decoration is up, adequate sitting arrangement for your guests, all other party items are ready eg cups, spoon, folk, plates, serviate (tissues) etc.

The arrival of the big day - carry out the last minutes tasks that you cannot do earlier by going through your check list. Collect your birthday cake. Dress up your child and your family members. Enjoy and have fun.

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