Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tips #12 - Getting your child involved in organising the birthday party

Getting your child involves in organising the birthday party will not only teach him/her leadership and organisation skill, it will also give her a greater impression of his/her birthday. Getting involve could be fun and exciting, creating fond memories of time spent together with daddy or mummy. For instance, if you are baking your own birthday cake or cup cakes etc, your child will remember the time spent in the kitchen helping out to get the cakes ready. Letting your child select the party give away prizes makes him/her think of what are suitable and what prizes friends would like to have. Organising games with your child's opinion ensure enjoyment by all. Your child will also be very proud to be a contributor in organising the event. However, the extend of involvement in organising a child birthday party depend on the child age. The older the child the more involvement. For age 4 and below, the child can help up in simple task like putting up simple decoration, choosing the birthday cake while child age 5 and above should be able to be more involved in the planning.

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