Saturday, September 30, 2006

Tips #4 - Child party theme

You may choose a birthday party theme and work on this theme during the party. This makes the party more fun and organised. There are many themes to choose from. For the girls they like fairy related themes like Princess, Barbie and The Magic of Pegasus, Butterfly Garden, Pooh's Fun Celebration - Disney, Dress-Up Party and Build-A-Bear Workshop etc. These themes are generally more appealing to the little girls. On the other hand boys like themes like Firefighter, Knights, Batman Party, Cars & Trucks, Cowboy Birthday Party and Baby Einstein Birthday Party etc. Other common themes includes Clowns Party, Animal Jungle, Beach Ball Party, Magic Show Party and Musical Birthday. These are just some suggested themes. Upon decided on the theme, you could organise the party within the theme. Example, decoration, cups, plates and activities selected could be as closely related to the theme.

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